COVID-19 / Corona Virus Information

Keep The Faith, Lose The Germs: Clergy Rethink Customs In The Age Of Coronavirus

Germs, viruses, and epidemics are in the news. With COVID-19 spreading, there are many questions about keeping healthy.  

Clergy and congregations around the world are focusing on how to stay healthy while supporting our religious services, traditions and practices. A recent online article described the importance of keeping the faith while losing the germs. 

“For believers, religion is a fundamental source of spiritual healing and hope. It’s a remedy against despair, providing psychological and emotional support that is an integral part of well-being. (It’s also an antidote to loneliness, which several medical experts point to as one of the most worrisome public health issues of our time.)”

 We at Grace are looking at ways to keep people safe while continuing to support our members and neighbors.  Our main goal is to preserve health.  We are keeping careful watch on how the situation is unfolding in Minnesota and in the Twin Cities.  

  1. We will continue to provide updated information to our members on a regular basis through Grace at a Glance, the weekly bulletin, Facebook, and the website
  2. We are already making changes in our worship services.  We are still loving and accepting and will keep contact to a “holy nod.” 😉  Our communion will consist of individual cups for the wine and juice. Servers already use hand sanitizer.
  3. Pastoral practice and support continues to be critical.  Pastor Karen is available at the church and online.  The religious needs of the congregation will be met. 
  4. If you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms, please stay home and recuperate.  One-on-one phone calls can be very supportive during these times.
  5. Our operations continue and your ongoing support through your time, talents, and contributions are valued by all.

We are a loving and supportive worshipping community. We continue to pray for each other and those who are afflicted with illness.  We pray for healing and peace.