If you would like to contact any of our staff, please either call the church office at 651.774.9617 or send an email to the church office and the email will be directed to the appropriate individual.  The church office email is:

Rev. Karen Williams, Pastor
Linda Sackreiter, Administrative Associate
Larry Denson, Custodian
Linda Denson, Custodian
Kathleen Hollar, Organist
Olaf Malmin, Sanctuary Choir Director (Retired)
Connie Smeby, Joyous Juniors Director
Jan Steingas, Triple Gs Choir Director, Interim Sanctuary Choir Director
Pete Zitzewitz, Bells of Grace Director

Officers of the Congregational Council
Peter Wickert, Council President
Dave Hunter, Vice President
Johanna Oberlander, Secretary
Dave Oberlander, Treasurer